Access Control Systems

Go Keyless! Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, it’s never been more important to control access to your company’s facilities.  

  • Deter attempted entrance into restricted areas.
  • Track and record employees, vendor arrival and departure time.
  • Release/Open doors from onsite phone or computer.
  • Ranges from small multi-door systems to large scalable systems.
  • Provide a safer work environment for your staff.
  • Remotely disable or enable an employee’s access.
  • Emergency lock down feature
  • Eliminate keys!

Want the no-hassle solution? Let Kamco host your access control system at our 24-hour monitoring station where security is always a top priority.

Benefits of Kamco hosting your system:

  • Eliminate the up-front expense of software and licensing fees.
  • Don’t have the time? We’ll do all of the data entry for you.
  • Let our trained staff perform the routine maintenance and management of your system.
  • Kamco will add and edit your cardholders, assign and update cardholder privileges, generate system reports and change time zone schedules!