Home Security

Protect your home and family with customized security systems, video surveillance and 24-hour local monitoring.  All of our security systems include fire protection. Kamco monitors for fire 24-hours a day whether your alarm system is armed or not.  

  • Free in-home consultations.
  • Control your home’s security system from your smartphone.
  • Customized and specifically designed to meet your needs.
  • Local support and monitoring.

Smart Home Systems 

  • Save money on utility bills with smart thermostats and automated lights.
  • Keep an eye on who’s at the door with our Doorbell cameras.
  • Integrate our system with your existing home products, like Alexa.

Video Doorbells 

  • Remotely check doorbell activity on your Honeywell Total Connect app.
  • Sleek and attractive design.
  • Two-way audio for conversations with visitors from your phone or tablet.
  • Built in motion sensor.
  • “Silent Mode” – Homeowners can turn off their indoor chime and receive pop up notifications on their smart phone. This feature is excellent for when the baby is sleeping or you don’t want the dogs to bark!


  • Save money on your home’s heating and cooling bills with Honeywell’s smart thermostats.
  • Set “home” and “away” schedules for your thermostat to automatically adjust your home’s temperatures.
  • Control the temperature from your smart phone or tablet with your Honeywell Total Connect app.